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linguatec goes online with most voluminous English - German dictionary

    Munich, Germany (ots) - In our age of internet and worldwide digital networks the English language is playing an increasingly important role. Those who are working with computers are looking for intelligent electronic reference books. linguatec language technologies provides an answer with the most comprehensive online dictionary in the internet. This dictionary is called linguaDict, contains more than 2 million words and excels with exemplifying phrases and idioms. This dictionary is available free of charge to everybody under

    linguaDict goes online with German-English and English-German in November 2001. This highly sophisticated linguaDict dictionary is based on the complete dictionary of the translation program "Personal Translator PT" which was increased by 300,000 general and technical terms. The idioms were taken from the well-known Schemann dictionary which is probably the most comprehensive collection of idioms. In addition to that, linguaDict contains more than 35,000 phrases and modules for business correspondence. Words you are looking for are displayed in their context which illustrates their correct use.

    linguaDict is very user friendly: enter the word you are looking for and click - that is all you need for a standard enquiry. Conjugated word forms are automatically included in the search - if you look for "to play", you will also find translations for idioms with "play" and "plays" as well as "played" etc. If you are looking for a more sophisticated search you can, of course, also use linguaDict for complex word enquiries: extensive search with wildcards, search for phrases, limitation of the search field etc. - linguaDict offers everything online you would expect from an up-to-date digital dictionary.

    linguatec offers a special service for users who are still missing a word or a phrase in this dictionary: they can inform the linguaDict editorial staff online who will check the proposals and enter them in the dictionary.

    linguaDict online dictionary is available free of charge to everybody in the internet. Incorporated in company owned intranets, linguaDict is an important component of e-translation servers, providing comprehensive solutions in combination with automatic translation for multilingual communication (

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