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conVISUAL's Photo Community Sets Standard for the New Mobile Messaging Generation

Oberhausen, Germany (ots)

conVISUAL, the first Visual Messaging
Service Provider, unveils Photo Community, a new type of mobile
service enabling users to send and receive images and photos via
mobile phone. With the "Smart Image Pipeline", conVISUAL's
professional, digital image transformation process, conventional
pictures are enhanced for mobile phones according to the user's
preferences. conVISUAL is thus opening up a whole new dimension in
visual communication for users of mobile phones.
With its Photo Community service, conVISUAL offers mobile phone
subscribers a new means of communication that is both individual and
inter-personal. Images and photos - whether private or commercial -
can be uploaded to the Photo Community, converted, selected and then
sent to any mobile phone. This service is made possible by
conVISUAL's "Smart Image Pipeline", which is being developed in
collaboration with the Hasso-Plattner-Institute, University of
Potsdam. This image transformation process converts digital images
into smaller images with different characteristics so that they can
already be displayed on today's generation of mobile phones.
Therefore, conVISUAL provides a new, fundamental and powerful tool
for mobile, visual communication.
With the "Smart Image Pipeline" process, conVISUAL's Photo
Community can handle digital images in just about all the standard
formats (e.g., JPEG, GIF, BMP or PNG) and in any size. Whether the
images are from the user's own digital camera, a scanner or from an
image database is irrelevant. The image quality of the reduced
pictures is tailored for best results on the relevant phone display,
thus minimising any loss of information or quality due to reduction.
The "Smart Image Pipeline" creates different variants for each
image, with different contrast, brightness and sharpness of focus.
The mobile phone user can choose the image he likes best from this
selection. The selected image can now be added to the user's personal
Photo Album, which is accessible via the Web and WAP, or sent
straight to a mobile phone. conVISUAL's "Multimedia Message Broker"
platform handles the conversion for the recipient's mobile device
automatically. All common messaging formats are supported: Smart
Messaging, EMS and MMS.
In future, conVISUAL's "Smart Image Pipeline" will be expanded to
include smart tools to facilitate intelligent and automatic editing
of pictures, photos and video clips. The end user can thus design and
send his own personal pictures and photos while on the road and
according to his wishes.
By introducing this service, conVISUAL's Photo Community sets the
standard in mobile multimedia communication as well as enabling
network carriers and providers of mobile services to offer their
target groups the long-awaited integration of private pictures in
mobile messaging.
conVISUAL - The Home of Visual Messaging Services.
conVISUAL is the first Wireless Application Service Provider
focused on the realization of Visual Messaging Services. Through an
innovative product portfolio conVISUAL creates opportunities for
network operators, service providers, ISPs and media companies to
expand their businesses by leveraging the extraordinary potential of
multimedia messaging services. conVISUAL's Multimedia Message Broker
(MMB) is the intelligent platform for the creation, personalization,
conversion and distribution of mobile multimedia messages. Using the
MMB, conVISUAL operates numerous messaging applications, that are
growing concurrently with the emerging multimedia facilities of
mobile devices: The MMB supports all of today's common messaging
standards, such as SMS, Smart Messaging, Enhanced Messaging Service
(EMS) and WAP, as well as future GPRS and UMTS technologies such as
the Multimedia Messaging Service. Based in Oberhausen in Germany,
conVISUAL employs a talented and experienced team, concentrating
highest industry excellence including Ericsson, Mannesmann Mobilfunk,
Nokia and Theron Business Consulting.
Pictures accompanying this press release are available for
download in the picture gallery in the press area on the conVISUAL


Essener Strasse 2-24
46047 Oberhausen, Germany

Media contact
Sandra Wiewiorra
Media Relations Manager
Phone: +49 208 85 96 - 807

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