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Rösch AG Medizintechnik grants exclusive distribution Henry Schein England and Ireland
Health insurance company approval for INJEX(TM) system

    Berlin (ots) - Rösch AG Medizintechnik (SIN 529140), Berlin, announces that it has granted Henry Schein exclusivity for the sale of the INJEX(TM) system, the needle-free injection, for the Dental area in England.

    At the beginning of May 2001, Henry Schein as the worldwide largest producer of health products integrated INJEX(TM) into its business area Dental in England and Ireland. After sales commencing very successfully Henry Schein has now been granted exclusivity in this area of application for England and Ireland.

    The short-term sales success has motivated Henry Schein to also fix by contract distribution in various other countries. Countries with their own field representatives which would ensure correct introduction to the INJEX(TM) system, are especially being considered for negotiations.

    Topic approval by health insurance companies

    Many health insurance companies in Germany, particularly AOK, are currently in a situation in which they have to increase contribution payments due to the current financial situation and in which they immediately have to introduce savings measures. The needle-free injection system INJEX(TM) offers tremendous potential for savings in the short-term and on a medium to long-term view.

    A prime example for short-term savings opportunities is the injection of medication at home. Often a nursing service needs to be financed as patients refuse to inject themselves and the level of inhibition with regard to injecting cannot be overcome even amongst family and friends. The use of INJEX(TM) does not require any special training and the needle-free injection is easily carried out by the patients themselves. Areas of application in home nursing are primarily thrombosis prophylaxis, cytokine treatment and insulin treatment.

    It is particularly the high cost of chronically ill patients such as diabetics, that heavily strains health insurance companies' budgets. According to statements by the DDB Bundesverband e.V., per hour, four diabetics suffer a heart attack, three diabetics have their lower leg amputated below the knee, two diabetics receive an artificial kidney and one diabetic loses his/her eyesight, in Germany. Insurance payments for poorly adjusted diabetes mellitus amount from DEM 12,000 to DEM 17,000 annually, for well adjusted diabetes mellitus from DEM 1,500 to DEM 2,500 annually, according to BKK Elektra and AOK Hessen.

    The main reason for this is, on the one hand, the insufficient education of those involved and, on the other hand, the fear toward the needle required to inject insulin. With the INJEX(TM) system, Rösch AG abolishes the inhibition level 'needle'.

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