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IXOS Software AG

IXOS Software AG (WKN 506 150) reports after tax profits of Euros 5.1m in the third quarter

Munich/Grasbrunn (ots)

IXOS SOFTWARE AG announced today the
results for the third quarter ended March 31, 2001 and the first nine
months of fiscal 2001.  The Company generated revenues of Euros 29.1m
in the quarter (3Q 2000: Euros 28.4m).
Profit after tax rose to Euros  5.1 m (Q3 2000: loss of Euros
2.9m), earnings per share totaled Euros  0.26 (Q3 2000: loss of Euro
0.15 per share). IXOS successfully reduced total costs in the third
quarter of fiscal 2001 by 25% as compared with the same period in the
prior year and could thereby report operating profits of Euros 2.2m
(Q3 2000: loss of Euro 7.4m).
In the completed nine month period, IXOS posted revenues of Euros
86,7m  (9M 2000: Euros 78.7m).  The operating costs were reduced by
13% to total Euros 56.9m (9M 2000: Euros 65.6m). Operating profits
improved to Euros 3.8m, although just one year ago Euros 14.3m in
operating losses were booked. In the first nine months of fiscal
2001, after tax profit increased to Euros 3.0m (9M 2000: loss of
Euros 5.4m), and the corresponding earnings per share totaled Euros
0.15 (9M 2000: loss of Euros 0.28 per share).
These results represent the lasting effects of a successful
turnaround. Despite a weak business and general economic climate,
especially in the USA, management expects to report a profit for the
fiscal year 2001.
The balance sheet total on March 31, 2001 was Euros 84.7m,
including shareholder equity of Euros 52.9m and total liabilities of
Euros 31.8m. IXOS had 777 employees on March 31, 2001 worldwide
(March 31, 2000: 924).
The Executive Board
About  IXOS
IXOS is a worldwide leading provider of solutions for the
management of eBusiness documents in inter-enterprise system
environments. IXOS solutions drive the administration of all
eBusiness documents and their seamless integration into digital
business processes.
Leading companies from various industries have selected IXOS
SOFTWARE AG to be their strategic partner. IXOS has more than 1,500
installations worldwide, and over approx. 940,000 users already work
successfully with the eBusiness document solutions of IXOS.
Complementing the product portfolio, IXOS offers a comprehensive
range of services including worldwide customer support 24x7 and a
global team of highly qualified consultants.
Shares of IXOS SOFTWARE AG are traded on the Neuer Markt segment
of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol "XOS" (WKN 506150).
In the USA, American Depositary Shares (ADSs) are listed on the
NASDAQ National Market under the symbol "XOSY".


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