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  • 13.11.2020 – 14:11

    Learning on the go

    The technical specification for the use of mobile technology in the education sector has just been revised to ensure better learning outcomes for everyone. Mobile learning has been on the rise for many years but is even more important in times such as these. With virtually the whole world living within reach of a mobile cellular network and having Internet access, mobile technology has ...

  • 10.07.2007 – 10:10

    ISO: After the International Standard - now comes the ISO 14001 video clip

    Geneva (ots) - ISO (International Organization for Standardization ( has launched a video clip on the International Standard ISO 14001, which is implemented in 138 countries. ISO Secretary-General Alan Bryden introduced the clip as one of a number of initiatives undertaken by ISO and its national members since last year to celebrate the 10th ...