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Swiss balsamic vinegar crystals at 3,000 metres: New investment trend from Baerg Marti

    Wollerau (ots) - Top quality balsamic vinegar and vinegar crystals an asset: the Swiss company Baerg Marti is storing barrique barrels in the Alps for its investors. The first store was inaugurated on the Mutthorn on 15 August.

    It started with an unusual request from the Far East: a Japanese industrialist approached Baerg Marti asking to purchase a barrel of top quality vinegar as an investment and store it in the Alps. After further interested people became aware of this alternative form of investment, Baerg Marti converted a military store in the Bernese Oberland to store a limited number of barrique barrels for its investors at 3,000 m.

    Pleasurable investment, 200-300% increase in value in five years

      "Like top quality wines, investors see quality vinegar as a
pleasurable kind of investment," commented Stephan Marti, Baerg
Marti's Managing Director when the storage facility was opened
against an imposing Alpine backdrop. "What they appreciate is a real
relationship with an investment product, something that shares or
other structured investment funds are unable to offer." Investors
reckon on an increase in value of 200-300 % in the first five years.
Vinegar matures perfectly over this period.

    International clientele puts its trust in balsamic vinegar crystals

    Unlike wine, vinegar is not susceptible to extreme climatic fluctuations. Balsamic vinegar develops in steadily alternating warm and cold, and the low oxygen content of mountain air improves its quality. After five years small crystals start to form in the vinegar, because the wooden barrel walls release small amounts of water over time. Balsamic vinegar crystals have a market value of around CHF1,500/100 g, therefore one of the world's most expensive delicacies.

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