Shareholder pool agreement extended for unlimited period

   Basel (ots) - The heirs of company founder Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche
have decided to extend the shareholders' agreement, which was due to
expire at the end of 2009, for an unlimited period. Consequently, the
family pool will retain its voting majority in the company Roche,
which was founded in 1896 and has its registered office in Basel.

   The shareholders' agreement, which was concluded some decades ago
among the direct heirs of company founder Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche,
has been renewed prior to its original expiry date of end-2009 and
extended for an unlimited duration. With this step, members of the
Hoffmann and Oeri families are underscoring their joint desire to
preserve the company's independent and autonomous character for the
long term. The pool members have stated in a joint communiqué that
"the pool will continue to exercise its majority rights responsibly
and in the interests of the company as a whole".

   While Beatrice Oeri has decided to leave the pool as of April 1,
2009, the first representatives of the fifth generation will be
joining it.  Members of the pool will in future be: Vera
Michalski-Hoffmann, Maja Hoffmann, André Hoffmann, Andreas Oeri,
Sabine Duschmalé-Oeri, Catherine Oeri, Maja Oeri, Jörg Duschmalé and
Lukas Duschmalé.

   Following redistribution within the family, the group of
shareholders subject to the voting agreement hold an unchanged total
of 80 020 000 shares or 50,0125 % of bearer shares issued. These
figures do not include shares held by individual members outside of
this shareholder group.

   The agreement continues to contain provisions on the exercising of
the voting rights, representation vis-à-vis the company and
restrictions on disposal of the bearer shares held in the pool. As it
was unanimously agreed that the pool members should be involved more
closely in the internal decision-making process, and as it was
decided not to make any public statements regarding the pool, the
role of pool spokesman lapses. The current CEO of Scobag Privatbank
acts on behalf of the pool as the contact for the provision of
information to public authorities and other supervisory bodies (such
as the stock exchange commission) as required by the law and
regulations. Furthermore, it was agreed that the content of the
agreement and the pool itself shall remain confidential.

ots Originaltext: Scobag Privatbank AG

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