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European farmers reveal Bioenergy plans - Survey of 3,000 farmers in six countries identifies positive trends Bioenergy Center at Agritechnica

Frankfurt (ots) - DLG, the organiser of Agritechnica, has published the results of its 2006 Trendmonitor Survey of nearly 3,000 farmers in six European countries. The findings revealed marked differences in the type of bioenergy sources currently being used by farmers in individual countries and also their preferences for, and specific plans to adopt, bioenergy sources for future energy generation. At Agritechnica, the world's number one exhibition for agricultural machinery, 13-17 November 2007, bioenergy will be a key feature. The countries surveyed: Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland and the UK. Farmers were asked to evaluate eleven different bioenergy sources in terms of their potential future contribution to their farming business and asked to detail any concerns. Germany - Leader in all areas - Continuing heavy investment. - Planned sources: cereal combustion and plant oil used as fuel - Biogas production planned - Sourcing of energy materials is quoted as issue. France - Positive investement - Plans to invest in numerous sources: cereal combustion; biogas; photovoltaic and wind energy planned - Favoured sources: biodiesel then rape seed - 2-4 percent have bioenergy plants; wood is the most popular source. - Construction and running-costs are concerns. UK - Bioenergy usage low; wind energy dominates future - Wind energy is the major planned source - Lowest activity in nine of the eleven bioenergy sources - one percent with operational plants. - Bioenergy sources currently used: wood for heating (16 percent) and biodiesel (3 percent). - Major concerns: experience and fixed costs. Poland and Hungary - biodiesel and plant oil fuels Czech farmers - biogas plants - Both Poland and Hungary plan to use biodiesel and also plant oil for fuel. - Czech farmers declared the most positive investment intent overall in biogas (25 percent). - All three quote same concerns: technology, financing and experience. At Agritechnica, a Bioenergy Center will feature relevant solutions. More at: www.agritechnica.com Full release with percentages: www.dlg.org/en/press/press_office.html?struts=publicArtikelDetail.do&artikelId=1030&spracheId=2&kategorieId=1&bereich=News ots Originaltext: DLG e.V. Internet: www.presseportal.ch Contact: Claus Brodersen Tel.: +49/69/247'88'300

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