The Republic of Uruguay

Uruguay Announces the Results of its Liability Management Transactions

Montevideo, Uruguay (ots/PRNewswire) - The Republic of Uruguay announced today that approximately U.S.$1,173 million aggregate outstanding principal amount of Uruguay's U.S. dollar and Euro-denominated bonds (the "Eligible Bonds") eligible to participate in the exchange offer and the related cash tender offer (collectively, the "Offer") announced October 19, 2006 were tendered into Uruguay's Offer. Uruguay decided to accept all Eligible Bonds tendered at the Minimum Clearing Price or on a non-competitive basis, having approximately U.S.$1,143 million aggregate outstanding principal amount, and will proceed to complete the Offer on November 14, 2006, the expected settlement date. The table below shows (a) the final clearing price per series of Eligible Bonds (excluding, in each case, any accrued but unpaid interest), (b) the approximate aggregate principal amount of Eligible Bonds of each series tendered that Uruguay accepted in the Offer and (c) the approximate remaining outstanding principal amount of each such series of Eligible Bonds after giving effect to the Offer. Remaining Principal Outstanding Eligible Clearing Amount Principal Bonds ISIN CUSIP Price Accepted Amount U.S. Dollar Bonds 7.000% due US760942AF94 760942AF9 103.35 U.S.$4,598,000 U.S.$3,702,000 2008 7.875% due US917288AL60 917288AL6 105.55 26,257,716 56,742,284 2008 7.875% due US917288AK87 917288AK8 106.05 664,000 1,536,000 2009 7.250% due US760942AH50 760942AH5 104.70 8,601,000 6,499,000 2009 FRNs due US917288AM44 917288AM4 102.30 842,171 557,829 2009 FRNs due US917288AN27 917288AN2 101.80 4,823,489 476,511 2010 8.750% due US760942AJ17 760942AJ1 110.25 246,600 2,453,400 2010 7.250% due US917288AY81 917288AY8 106.25 288,752,500 186,723,571 2011 8.375% due US917288AP74 917288AP7 110.80 26,712,186 33,987,814 2011 7.625% due US917288AJ15 917288AJ1 107.80 1,521,000 3,579,000 2012 7.000% due US917288AS14 917288AS1 105.10 21,498,408 42,427,918 2013 7.875% due US917288AT96 917288AT9 110.05 12,765,105 6,734,895 2014 7.250% due US917288AU69 917288AU6 106.35 10,813,483 18,686,517 2014 7.500% due US917288AZ56 917288AZ5 108.25 586,680,976 400,872,319 2015 8.750% due US917288AV43 917288AV4 115.85 26,052,478 24,547,522 2015 7.625% due US917288AX09 917288AX0 107.55 19,232,185 14,467,815 2017 7.875% due US760942AE20 760942AE2 108.30 7,070,000 23,130,000 2027 Euro Bonds 7.000% due XS0131127036 - 107.75 euro 8,611,000 euro 46,289,000 2011 7.000% due XS0167136786 - 107.25 33,293,878 60,506,122 2012 7.000% due XS0167137834 - 107.75 33,666,096 84,033,904 2019 All Eligible Bonds accepted by Uruguay will be retired pursuant to the Offer. Uruguay accepted all non-competitive offers in the exchange offer, but declined to accept any competitive offers. No series of Eligible Bonds tendered for cash or in exchange for 8.00% Bonds due 2022 was subject to proration. The Republic expects to issue approximately U.S.$879 million aggregate principal amount of new bonds as a result of the exchange offers, comprising approximately U.S.$602 million aggregate principal amount of its 8.00% Bonds due 2022 and approximately U.S.$277 million aggregate principal amount of its 7.625% Bonds due 2036. Under the cash tender offer, the Republic expects to purchase Eligible Bonds having an aggregate outstanding principal amount of approximately the equivalent of U.S.$275 million at an aggregate cost of approximately the equivalent of U.S.$295 million (excluding accrued but unpaid interest, if any, which Uruguay will also pay on the settlement date in accordance with the Offer). The Offer commenced on October 19, 2006, on the terms and subject to the conditions described in the prospectus supplement dated October 19, 2006 and the accompanying prospectus dated June 5, 2006 that were filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The Offer expired at 4:30 P.M., New York City time, on October 27, 2006. The definitive amounts of new global bonds to be issued and Eligible Bonds to be exchanged and repurchased pursuant to the Offer remain subject to final confirmation by the Exchange Agent and Uruguay. Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and UBS Investment Bank acted as Dealer Managers for the Offer, and Citibank N.A. acted as Exchange Agent. Dexia Banque Internationale a Luxembourg acted as Luxembourg Exchange Agent. ANY DISCLAIMERS OR OTHER NOTICES THAT MAY APPEAR AFTER THIS MESSAGE ARE NOT APPLICABLE TO THIS COMMUNICATION AND SHOULD BE DISREGARDED. SUCH DISCLAIMERS OR OTHER NOTICES WERE AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED AS A RESULT OF THIS COMMUNICATION BEING SENT VIA BLOOMBERG OR ANOTHER EMAIL SYSTEM. ots Originaltext: The Republic of Uruguay Im Internet recherchierbar: Contact: Tom Long, +1-212-493-6920

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