Cannonball Run Europe Co. Ltd

Bond Style Brits Flying High

London (ots/PRNewswire) - Participants in a luxury winter road rally are preparing to make the long journey back home after spills, chills, and thrills in Val D'Isere, France. Event organizer and founder Tim Porter promised to deliver the "ride of your life" and his clients got exactly that. With visions of living the lifestyles of the rich and famous, entrants were delighted with the surprise welcome they received after exiting the ferry in Calais. While enroute to the world-class ski resort for the "Winter challenge" to enjoy ice driving in their high performance vehicles, and other winter activities , entrants were amazed at the welcome they received from French authorities. "I swear I felt like James Bond!" said one participant as he described a police helicopter that was hovering only precious feet above the convoy of Cannonballers, with an intense spotlight trained on a Lamborghini in the group. Apparently the presidential-style police escort continued for several hours as they made their way up to Val D'Isere. Unconfirmed reports speculate French authorities spent over EUR 500,000 to police 12 cars, only to cite speeding infractions totaling no more than EUR 1200. As the winter fun run draws to a close, Tim Porter's motor is just getting warmed up. He's already announced plans for the first ever Canadian Cannonball Run event, which has captured the attention of national media. He will be doing tv & radio spots in Canada and the US over the next 2 weeks, and then returns to Europe for the World Premiere gala party of the "The Great Escape" DVD, which features live footage from last years summer Cannonball Run Europe event. About Cannonball Run Europe: Cannonball Run Europe Ltd is a privately controlled tour operator company, and organizes road rally holidays including the Cannonball Run Europe rally, and the Cannonball Run Europe Winter Challenge. Founded in 2001, this UK based firm has offices in London, England, and Toronto, Canada. Cannonball Run Europe proudly serves a client base that includes male & female clientele with a goal to deliver the "ride of your life". ots Originaltext: Cannonball Run Europe Co. Ltd Im Internet recherchierbar: Contact: For further information: please consult, Tel: +44(0)1403-276191,; Media Contact: Prafull Koli, +1-(416)-553-5055, NOTE TO EDITORS Organizer and founder, Tim Porter is available for comment by mobile phone (at) +44(0)7976-839160

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