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ESMO Conference 5-8 July 2007, Lugano, Switzerland - Press Program

PLEASE NOTE: FULL TEXT OF THE PRESS RELEASES AVAILABLE THROUGH WWW.ESMO.ORG/PRESSROOM upon registration PLEASE RESPECT INDIVIDUAL EMBARGO DATES/TIMES FOUND ON FULL PRESS RELEASES Lugano (ots) - HORMONE INHIBITOR PROMISING FOR HARD-TO-TREAT PROSTATE CANCER For prostate cancer patients whose tumors have continued to grow despite medical or surgical castration, a new drug candidate that inhibits production of male hormones anywhere in the body is showing promise in early trials. Two poster to be presented at the ESMO Conference Lugano (ECLU) show the drug results. ANALYSIS CONFIRMS BENEFITS OF COMBINING TRASTUZUMAB AND CHEMOTHERAPY IN BREAST CANCER An analysis of five major breast cancer trials has confirmed that combination treatment with the antibody treatment trastuzumab and chemotherapy improves survival in women with operable HER-2 positive breast cancer, researchers announce at the ESMO Conference Lugano (ECLU). CANCER-FIGHTING VIRUS SHOWS PROMISE IN EARLY TRIAL A virus that has been specifically designed by scientists to be safe to normal tissue but deadly to cancer is showing early promise in a preliminary study. Results from an ongoing trial in patients with colorectal cancer to be presented at the ESMO Conference Lugano (ECLU). AN OPPORTUNITY FOR PATIENTS TO LEARN AND TALK ABOUT CANCER People affected by cancer in Switzerland and northern Italy have an opportunity during the ESMO Congress Lugano (ECLU) to talk about the latest in cancer research and share their knowledge and personal experiences, at the 6th ESMO Patient Seminar. An important theme of the seminar is open communication. "Communication is one of the best weapons we have against cancer," said Prof. Michele Ghielmini, the chair of the ESMO Patient Seminar Task Force. "That means communication between doctor and patient, communication between patients and their families and between patients themselves," he said. ESMO RECOGNIZES THE NETHERLANDS CANCER INSTITUTE FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH IN BREAST CANCER The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) is pleased to announce that the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) is the winner of the second edition of the ESMO Lifetime Achievement Award supported by an unrestricted grant from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). The research group was conferred the award for its outstanding achievements in the area of Translational Research in Breast Cancer. The head of the Molecular Carcinogenesis Division of the Institute, Dr. René Bernards, and the Head of the Molecular Pathology Division, Dr. Laura van 't Veer, will receive the award on behalf of the institute during the Opening Ceremony of the ESMO Conference in Lugano (ECLU) on Thursday, 5 July 2007. CANCER ON THE AGENDA OF THE PORTUGUESE EU COUNCIL PRESIDENCY ESMO A MAJOR PLAYER IN THE ROUND TABLE ON HEALTH STRATEGIES IN THE EUROPEAN UNION The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) is proud to announce that it is collaborating closely with the Portuguese EU Presidency on a key European meeting on health care issues, where cancer will be an important part of the agenda. The 'Round Table on Health Strategies in the European Union' (Lisbon, 12-13 July 2007) is one of numerous initiatives launched by the EU Portuguese Presidency within the context of the EU strategy on health policy, focusing on the topic of health and migration. ESMO has been invited by Dr. Joaquim Gouveia, National Coordinator of Oncological Diseases in Portugal, to be a key partner in this meeting for aspects related to cancer. ots Originaltext: ESMO - European Society for Medical Oncology Internet: Contact: Vanessa Pavinato European Society for Medical Oncology Office Phone: +41/91/973'19'07 E-Mail:

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