WISeKey and partners like Datang Telecom propose accelerating global deployment of next generation SIM cards as first line of defense against cybercrime

Geneva (ots) - After recent remarks by the CEO on the poor security of most telecommunication infrastructures on a cybersecurity panel at ITU Telecom World 2009 caused a widely reported stir, http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5j1zjbFFqFjOHQEsuP1 qKEU4U8rsQ WISeKey SA today announces its intention to begin work with Datang Telecom, among other telecom giants, on widely deploying the next generation subscriber identity modules (SIM) cards with secure identity encryption services. Code named TrustedSIMSecurity, WISeKey, the leading Swiss digital security service provider, said the new service will revolutionize the role SIM cards play in the global economy and international development. The Geneva-based company said its digitally-encrypted SIM cards will stimulate the whole mobile industry in developed and developing countries since they facilitate transactions both financial and social like shopping and the sharing of photos and videos. "We feel deploying the next generation of SIM cards with WISeKey digital identification technologies and services will have very positive result on the growth of transactional services of all types, including e-government services and remittances," said WISeKey chairman and CEO Carlos Moreira. "Everyone in society wins when a new service cn substantially reduce the risks of identity theft, counterfeiting, and corruption like our smart SIMs do." Moreira said the TrustedSIMSecurity gives SIM cards the power of a mass-market smartcard by adding secure digital identification capabilities and services. The secure identity and services blend evidence of identity (such as a key) with personal information which only the user will know (a password, for example) and credit card capabilities, he said. Dr. Shanzhi Chen, CTO of Datang Telecom Group, the Chinese leader in the one billion strong smart card market in China, said security encryptions for their cards is a top priority that could provide significant growth to their business in the long-term. "Strong encryption features will add value to our solutions for our customers, including mobile operators, government agencies, and companies of all sizes," he said. The WISeKey e-Identity solution is highly flexible. It can reside on the SIM of the phone, become embedded in an application, or be associated with innovative online authentication mechanisms like SSL certificates. The end-customer will be able to set his profile and enjoy value-added services through their highly secure e-Identity. "We believe that WISeKey has the best technology that can be deployed with all the major corporations in China," said Peter Liu, chairman of WI Harper, a leading venture capital firm with offices in San Francisco, Beijing, and Taipei. "We are honored to be their partner in Asia." WISeKey said TrustedSIMSecurity will be progressively adopted by telecommunications companies starting in the fourth quarter of 2009. ots Originaltext: WISeKey SA Internet: www.presseportal.ch Contact: Dimitry Léger WISeKey corporate communications director Tel.: +41/22/594'30'08 E-Mail: dleger@wisekey.com

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