WISekey ELA expand its cooperation agreement between Brasilinvest and the Velasco Group for the deployment of WISeKey digital identity and esecurity technologies in South America and Portuguese Speaking countries

- A picture can be downloaded free of charge under: http://www.presseportal.ch/de/story.htx?firmaid=100006027&lang=2 - The combined Spanish and Portuguese community is one of the largest ecosystems with a potential reach of over 1 billion people worldwide and will allow WISeKey to enter into new markets as providing e-security for alternative energy sectors. Bilbao/Geneva/Sao Paulo (ots) - The Spanish subsidiary of the Swiss eSecurity company WISeKey (http://www.wisekey.com) WISeKey ELA, with head offices in Bilbao, is to expand in cooperation with BrasilInvest the use of Wisekey technology in both Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. WISeKey SA is currently a leading provider of numerical security and trust service infrastructures for Internet. The project is the result of an agreement, signed in Bilbao between Carlos Moreira, founder and President of WISeKey, Pedro Velasco, President of the Velasco Group and Mario Garnero, President of BrasilInvest. The agreement will result on a Joint Venture company created by the 3 groups to set up a distribution network in Latin America with 22 subsidiaries and all Portuguese speaking countries (Angola, Macau, Brazil, Portugal, Cabo Verde, Guinea Bissau and Mozambique), all working to distribute WISeKey technology in a market with 1billion potential users. Carlos Moreira, Founder and President of WISekey said "this new agreement with the Velasco Group and Brasilinvest will allow us to enlarge our existing community of users in the targeted markets increasing WISeKey international positioning and leveraging our unique trust and security model of WISekey, now consider as the fastest esecurity company in the world. Mario Garnero, the Chairman of Brasilinvest Group (http://www.brasilinvest.com.br), a holding company located in São Paulo with interests in the financial, telecommunications, infrastructure, real estate and agricultural sectors in Brazil and abroad, said: "This agreement between Portuguese and Spanish speaking groups will allow us to internationalize the unique technology developed by WISeKey in our markets and will allow us to bring this unique Swiss technology to be used in other leading Brazilian sectors such as alternative energies. Mr. Mario Garneiro is also the Chairman of Fórum das Américas and president of the United Nations Association-Brazil, both non profitable organizations active in Brazil. Velasco Group chairman Pedro Luis Velasco, quoted: "the WISeKey, Velasco Group and Brasilinvest will reinforce our existing operations in WISekey ELA as it will allow us to expand our revolutionary system for creating and managing safe numerical identification infrastructures in Latin America and the rest of Portuguese speaking countries". ots Originaltext: WISekey SA Internet: www.presseportal.ch Contact: Daniel Ybarra, VP Corporate Communications: E-Mail: dybarra@wisekey.com Phone: +41/22/594'30'00

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