Atmel Corporation

/K I L L K I L L K I L L -- Atmel Corporation/

We are advised by Atmel Corporation that journalists and other readers should disregard the news release "/K I L L K I L L K I L L -- Atmel Corporation/" nasdaq:ATML, issued earlier today over PR Newswire, as it contained some erroneous information. [Operator's must be sure to adjust the wording of the reason for the kill to reflect the situation. For example, if a client wants to kill a release because they released it early rather than for incorrect information, the phrase "as it contained some erroneous information" should be omitted and a reference might be made to the effect that the release was issued prematurely.] ots Originaltext: Atmel Corporation Im Internet recherchierbar: Contact: Vicki McCann, Director of Marketing Communications, +1-719-540-1724, or; or Veronique Sablereau, Corporate Communications Manager -- Europe, +33-1-30-60-70-68, fax, +49-71-31-67-24-23, or, both of Atmel Corporation

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