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Personalising Cancer Care - An Invitation

Ingelheim, Germany, November 5 (ots/PRNewswire) - - For Non-US Healthcare Media Can the quest for personalised medicine in cancer therapy ever be realised? And how far have we come in the journey to personalised cancer care? What lies ahead from a clinical research perspective will be discussed in an international media webcast entitled "Probable or pipedream: could new cancer targets change the outlook for personalised medicine?", in conjunction with the Multi-disciplinary Symposium in Thoracic Oncology. Eminent experts in the field, including Dr Nasser Hanna, Dr Paul Bunn and Dr Vera Hirsh will discuss and debate future directions in the process of cancer drug development and how the oncology community is working to discover more intelligent and innovative treatment solutions for the individual cancer patient. Available online from 17 November 2008 To register please click the link below If you have difficulties registering please contact: Joy Burgess Ogilvy Healthworld Tel: +44(0)207-108-6519 Tel: +44(0)7843098437 Email: ots Originaltext: Boehringer Ingelheim Im Internet recherchierbar: Contact: Joy Burgess, Ogilvy Healthworld, Tel: +44(0)207-108-6519, Tel: +44(0)7843098437, Email:

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