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Valeo Chosen to Co-Develop and Produce Citroën's Lane Departure Warning System

Paris (ots/PRNewswire) - This innovation is the result of two years of cooperation between Valeo and Citroën, and will be fitted on the new Citroën C4 and C5. Using infrared beams linked to an electronic control unit, the lane departure warning system monitors the lane markings ahead of the car. If the car strays over the line without the indicator being activated, the driver is alerted by the vibration of his seat on the side of the line being crossed. Innovating in driving comfort and road safety Preventing unintentional lane changes in this way will help to avoid a large number of accidents. The latest figures show that drowsiness and inattention cause a third of accidents in Europe and the United States. The system will also remind people to use their indicators. ots Originaltext: Valeo Im Internet recherchierbar: Contact: Contact : Sophie Porte, Telephone number : +33-(0)1-40-55-37-68, E-mail :, Other Contact Alexandre Telinge, +33-6-16-23-86-91

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