IMCentric™ Launches Flagship Product to Automate Renewal of Digital Certificates: New Product Solves Customer Pain by Reducing Human Error and Cost

PROVO, UT (ots) - Today, IMCentric, the leader in website certificate automation, officially launched its company and introduced AutoCert Server™ as its flagship product. AutoCert Server allows enterprises to more easily manage the lifecycle of its certificates by automating the installation and renewal processes. AutoCert Server is flexible, affordable and easy to use -- allowing companies to protect valuable business assets from human error. "Enterprise organizations are looking to reduce operational costs of identity management processes. Automating the manual steps required to install, expire and renew PKI certificates across multiple application systems is a 'Must Have' capability," said Eric Ogren, Senior Analyst of Security Solutions & Services for the Yankee Group. "IMCentric's AutoCert Server saves administrators time, taking human error out of certificate lifecycle management which dramatically reduces the support burden." Lifecycle Management When website certificates expire, Internet web servers become incapable of secure e-business, causing lost e-business revenue, employee downtime, and lost information resulting from server downtime. This can result in thousands and even millions of dollars lost per year due to human error and lack of automation systems. IMCentric delivers a fully automated website certificate lifecycle management system that eliminates these time-consuming processes, and automates the deployment of certificates from a central location while reducing the required resources needed to manage PKI operations. AutoCert Server includes the following features: - Auto-Installation: This feature automates the cumbersome task of installing newly issued certificates. And, in so doing, removes the great potential for human error. - Centralized Certificate Management: AutoCert Server gives administrators complete certificate control to manage with granularity any number of certificates from a central location. AutoCert Server also provides the scalability required to auto-deploy more certificates with no additional administration burden. - Auto-Renewal: Certificates can be automatically renewed. Or, if an administrator wants the opportunity to look over the certificates first, an alert is automatically sent, giving the administrator the option of renewing by clicking on an icon. "Managing SSL server certificates can be a complex and costly operation for large enterprises that implement thousands of certificates from multiple vendors on many disparate server platforms," said Gerry Gebel, Analyst for the Burton Group. "This complex situation is compounded by variably expiring SSL certificates, which will prompt enterprises to consider the new AutoCert centralized, point and click security automation tool." Broad Platform Support AutoCert technology includes seamless integration and support for servers, reaching heterogeneous platforms (SUNONE, Apache, IIS, Sonicwall SSL-R, and Cisco CSS 1100). With capabilities of managing a variety of platforms from a single Web-based graphical user interface or through a command line interface, IT security can reduce administration and training costs, improve IT security responsiveness, and provide a central point of management with a single vendor solution. AutoCert Server also supports multiple certificate authorities which is a significant factor since the majority of enterprise companies have multiple certificate authorities to manage. "Today, online security processes are still labor intensive and packed with human error," said Russell Thornton, CEO and founder, IMCentric. "IMCentric is improving these current processes by automating all of the manually difficult and error ridden steps that companies are currently facing with digital certificates. Our solution helps reduce the bottom line and reduces the downtime that many companies face when a certificate expires accidentally. We are committed to streamlining this cumbersome task and in so doing, save our customers money and increase online security standards with our automation technology." Availability & Pricing AutoCert Server is available today. AutoCert Server is affordably priced, with a pricing structure comprised of hardware fee, installation fee, per-certificate fee, and enhanced maintenance fee components. To see a demo or receive product information, please contact the sales department at (801) 224-1051 ext. 17. About IMCentric IMCentric, a private company, specializes in state-of-art security automation solutions. The company works closely with major financial, telecom and government enterprise clients, providing them with high-quality security automation products and services at competitive prices. IMCentric's vision is to securely automate, simplify, and reduce the total cost of maintenance associated with digital certificate lifecycle management. For more information, please visit or call (801) 224-1051 ext. 17. ots Originaltext: IMCentric Internet: Media Contact: Amy Neuberger PR Manager Phone: ++1/801/566-4644 Investor Relations: Kim Cooper Strategic Advisor Phone: ++1/801/362-2667

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