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World's Largest Solar Factory Opens in Japan

TOKYO, JAPAN (ots) - In this world of increasing worries over dependence on foreign oil, environmental degradation and the vulnerability of power networks, many people are calling for greater use of clean energy alternatives such as solar power. It is encouraging therefore to note the completion of the world's largest factory for solar panels, built by MSK, Japan's leading specialist solar manufacturer. Tokyo-based MSK Corporation has opened the doors to its new production facility located in Nagano, Japan. The factory will help meet consumers' growing demand for increasingly efficient and cost- effective solar power. The new facility boasts the world's largest solar panel production capacity at a single site. More impressive, the company explains, is the fact that MSK is a specialist solar company, completely dedicated to developing and manufacturing solar systems, with no other business interests. The new factory therefore marks a significant milestone for the rapidly expanding solar industry. Solar photovoltaics (PV) is the technology of converting sunlight directly to electricity using semiconductors. Many experts believe it offers the greatest hope for abundant amounts of environmentally friendly power, free from dependency on dwindling foreign fossil fuel reserves. According to the International Energy Agency, the market for solar PV in IEA countries grew 34% in 2002, and is doubling every two years. The 100MWp capacity facility can produce up to 45'000 solar modules per month. It features state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, including the world's fastest solar cell connection technology. The factory is geared to keep pace with current advances in PV technology with the capability to handle solar cells down to 0.2mm thickness. Current solar cells are typically 0.3mm thick. Reducing the thickness of cells is one way in which manufacturers are bringing the cost of solar energy down. MSK will produce a variety of solar panels at the new site. As well as its range of "standard" panels, designed to fit existing roofs, the company also produces a range of panels that can be used directly as building materials. Of particular interest is its new semi-transparent panel designed to replace tinted glazing in office blocks. MSK Corporation is Japan's leading dedicated solar company, having specialized in the manufacture of PV panels since 1984. ots Originaltext: MSK Corporation Internet: Contact: MSK Corporation 19F STEC Joho Building, 1-24-1 West Shinjuku Shinjuku Ward Tokyo 160 0023 Phone +81/3/3342-3838 Fax: +81/3/3342-6534 Internet:

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