Satellite maps with zooming features make hotel reservations easier: At, travelers have the opportunity to check out vacation destinations from the sky

- Note: Photos are available for free download at: - Liestal (ots) - When making reservations, the precise location of the vacation hotel or seminar venue is frequently the deciding factor. Location maps and route planners fail if street names and house numbers are not available. And this is almost always the case if the travel destination is located in the mountains or in rural areas. To provide more insights in these cases, CONTACT now shows its member hotels and vacation rentals in bird's eye view maps with zoom functions. After months of preparatory work, all 654 vacation rentals and hotels have been precisely positioned via satellite on Thanks to the new satellite maps, guests can now zoom in close to the object and determine the exact location inside or outside of any village. They can even take a virtual tour of the immediate vicinity of the venue: How large is the garden area in front of the house? Where is the closest forest or brook? What is the distance from the ski lifts? A click on the detailed map provided for each individual house description provides all the information. The close cooperation with Switzerland Tourism has made the provision of this service possible. Not all Swiss regions enjoy the benefits of equally high quality maps at this time. In Ticino, for instance, if you zoom in close to a house, the image is still somewhat blurry. Given the extreme cost of producing these types of maps, it is safe to assume that the photos will only be updated every few years. Consequently, more recent building additions are not depicted. However, this is not of critical importance for those looking for some basic orientation. In particular in the alpine, sub-alpine and Jura vacation destinations, the central orientation points do indeed stay the same. ots original source: CONTACT Internet: Contact: German, English, Italian: Christina Aenishänslin General manager Phone: +41/61/926'60'00 French, German: Corinne Hergenröder Authorized company representative Phone: +41/61/926'60'00 CONTACT Hotels and Chalets for Groups Spitzackerstr. 19 4410 Liestal, Switzerland Phone: +41/61/926'60'00

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