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Suedkurier is Germany's First Leading Publisher to Launch Electronic Edition With Olive Software

DENVER, CO (ots) - Olive Software, Inc., a global leader in digital publishing, archiving and electronic distribution technologies, announced today that in cooperation with ProServ, the Konstanz, Germany daily newspaper SUDKURIER (subsidiary of the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck) has launched its electronic primary edition, using Olive's electronic circulation product, ActivePaper Daily®. In the first week of reader registration, SUDKURIER had more than 1'400 readers sign up for the daily electronic edition. The SUDKURIER will offer the primary print edition in a digital version on the Internet. "Readers and online users will have the ability to subscribe either to the print or the online edition of our newspaper," said Rainer Wiesner, Managing Director of SUDKURIER. "We debuted with our primary edition and the other 15 regional editions will follow within the next few months." Edgar Benkler, Managing Director for ProServ commented, "With the successful start of Olive Software's e-paper solution, we are able to provide SUDKURIER and other newspapers within the Verlagsgruppe von Holtzbrinck group with an electronic version of their newspaper using this robust technology. Short project periods and low-cost operations through Olive offer our readers and online users a reasonably priced daily edition of the newspaper - anytime, anywhere. Readers only need to have access to the Internet." ActivePaper Daily is one of four electronic publishing solutions offered through Olive's electronic publishing platform suite. All four solutions are derived from one workflow, creating economies and generating new revenue. The Olive platform is XML-based, enabling exceptional flexibility, control, and management of content. Readers may access the newspaper just as it appeared in print with their web browser. The platform tools do not interfere with or change publishers' existing workflow, enabling easy implementation and a quick return on investment. "These selling points made the decision for us to use Olive Software for our ePaper solution. With ActivePaper Daily we have been able to realize our electronic distribution goals without any changes to our print and advertisement systems," noted Klaus Abele, Project Leader and Managing Director of the online company of SUDKURIER. "Olive is very excited to add one of the Holtzbrinck flagship publications, SUDKURIER, to our growing list of newspapers," said Shaun Dail, Olive Executive Vice President. "With the successful launch that SUDKURIER has already achieved, the Holtzbrinck group of newspapers is positioned to dominate the market and achieve their revenue goals." In addition to electronic distribution, Olive Software solutions include AdLauncher™, a display ad conversion and delivery tool, ActivePaper Archive®, a commerce-ready digital archive and ActiveTearsheet™, a robust, interactive electronic tearsheet application. Olive provides software and services to more than 100 newspaper and magazine titles worldwide. Olive also has a number of customers in the library market. About ProServ ProServ is a subsidiary of the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck and was founded by the Group's regional newspapers (Main-Post, Saarbrücker Zeitung, Trierischer Volksfreund, Lausitzer Rundschau, and SUDKURIER). The company supports its shareholders in all core online, Internet and IT activities. The focus is on selecting, running and developing low-cost online platforms, specific to each shareholder. About Olive Software, Inc. Olive Software develops electronic publishing software for publishers and libraries, featuring a powerful electronic publishing platform. The platform offers multiple solutions derived from one workflow. Founded in 1999 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, technologists and publishing industry veterans, the company is well on its way to becoming the industry standard in the electronic publishing space. Olive's principal shareholder is Elbit Medical Imaging Ltd. ActivePaper Daily® and ActivePaper Archive® are registered trademarks of Olive Software, Inc. ActivePaper™, AdLauncher™ and ActiveTearsheet™ are trademarks of Olive Software, Inc. ots Originaltext: Olive Software, Inc. Internet: www.newsaktuell.ch Contact: Shaun Dail Olive Software, Inc. Phone +1-(720) 747-1220 Mobile +1-(303) 514-0839 E-mail:shaun@olivesoftware.com Internet: http://www.active-paper.com Edgar Benkler ProServ Medien Service Gesellschaft Phone +49/89/20607-610 Fax +49/89/20607-611 E-mail:Edgar.Benkler@proserv-msg.com Internet: http://www.proserv-msg.com

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