Avis Europe - Quarterly European Transport Report

London (ots) - Avis, the leading car rental company in Europe, today releases the latest statistics for European transport usage during the second quarter of 2002. The report tracks total passenger numbers travelling by plane, train, car and ferry within Europe's five largest countries - Germany, UK, France, Spain and Italy. KEY PAN-EUROPEAN FINDINGS - The total number of journeys made continues to rise with an additional 240 million in the second quarter. - The inexorable rise in the use of motorway travel continues - increasing by a further 2.8% to 167 million journeys - Air travel remains in negative territory with journeys falling by 4.9% compared to the same period last year, a fall of 9 million journeys - Ferries have enjoyed the largest proportional rise in passengers with an increase of 3.3%. The first half of 2002 was up by 5% overall. The full report contains a detailed breakdown between modes of transport on a country-by-country basis. Mark McCafferty, Chief Executive of Avis Europe, commented: "Recent trends of greater travel both between and within European countries continues apace, raising the question of how long the infrastructure can handle this growth. "The greatest challenge for the EC's transport planners is how to deal with the incessant increase in European travel and the impact on the environment and safety. This is an issue that needs to tackled both domestically and in Brussels as the lack of an appropriate, inter-model infrastructure will be a material constraint to economic growth within the Union." A full copy of the European Transport Report can be found at www.aviseurope.com ots Originaltext: Avis Europe PLC Internet: www.newsaktuell.ch Contact: Chris Wermann Avis Europe Phone: +44/1344/426644 Ben Foster Financial Dynamics Phone: +44/20/7269'7247

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