IXIASOFT And Cross Database Technology Enter Technology Partnership And Deliver Combined Solution At Microsoft Tech Ed Europe 2002

PARTNERSHIP ADDS WORLD-CLASS DATA INTEGRATION VALUE TO TEXTML SERVER Barcelona, Spain (ots) - IXIASOFT, the XML Content Server market leader with TEXTML Server, and its technology partner Cross Database Technology (CDBT), French market leader in EAI software, today announce the release of a joint-solution that will allow users to search and publish content coming from a variety of sources. CDB Technology's flagship product DataExchanger Server offers superior data integration and transformation solutions. DataExchanger Server for TEXTML will enable the management, insertion, search and retrieval of content to and from TEXTML Server. This integration will prove to be very useful to publish legacy data stored into several different databases on the web as well as to have instant synchronization between production and publishing servers. In addition, this combined solution will give users the unique capability to index and search content coming from various production environments such as Crystal Reports, Cognos, Brio, DataBeacon, Word, Outlook or Lotus Notes. "We are confident that our users will recognize the value of a solution that brings together heterogeneous contents," said Philippe Gelinas, IXIASOFT's President and CEO. "The combination of our software will accomplish this essential function and address the problem at a fraction of the traditional cost, solving a critical and expensive issue for many companies." "TEXTML Server working in tandem with DataExchanger will give customers a dynamic solution to help them maximize the strategic use of the business intelligence they already possess, but may not be able to leverage effectively" Said Christian Jumelet, CDB Technology VP Strategic Alliances & Partnership. "We are pleased to work with IXIASOFT in providing companies with the enabling technologies to meet the growing demands for XML-based document and content management solutions." IXIASOFT and Cross Database Technology will be exhibiting at Microsoft Tech Ed 2002 in Barcelona, July 1-4th Booth H11. About DataExchanger DataExchanger Server integrates all data from local and distributed enterprise sources. Using the latest Internet technology, DataExchanger Server extracts, compresses, encrypts, transfers, synchronizes and replicates information, regardless of the type and source of data being exchanged. Beyond its exchange applications, DataExchanger Server also carries out associated management tasks, such as centralizing error messages, security auditing, scheduling, and alert management. About TEXTML Server: TEXTML Server is an XML Content Server whose purpose is to store, index and retrieve XML content. It is the first embeddable XML Server for OEMs and developers of XML applications such as electronic manuals, content management systems, wireless content publishing, enterprise portals, or patient record systems. It has been designed as an OEM product to build document-centric XML applications where the content consists mostly of semi-structured, rich information. The key advantages of TEXTML Server include the ability to combine full-text and metadata search, speed of execution, schema independence, ease of integration and its aggressive, OEM-geared pricing model. Today, the TEXTML Server is used by the United States Air Force for its AWACS and F-16 programs. The software enables the Air Force to retrieve, index and store millions of key XML documents for its mission critical operations. About IXIASOFT: IXIASOFT develops and distributes TEXTML Server, an XML Content Server whose purpose is to store, index and retrieve XML content. IXIASOFT is the only true provider of document-centric XML Servers specializing in the storage and publishing of XML documents. IXIASOFT was recently designated by Computerworld as one of the "Top Emerging Technology Companies"; IXIASOFT enjoys a global customer base with various vertical markets such as aerospace, media & publishing, energy, and government. Some of its notable technology partners include, DataJunction, HitSoftware, HyperVision Ltd., SoftQuad, and XML Spy. IXIASOFT is a voting member of the W3C. For more information, go to www.ixiasoft.com. About Cross Database Technology: Cross DataBase Technology develops and distributes DataExchanger Server, an Enterprise Application Integration Server whose purpose is to extract, exchange, integrate, transform, replicate any kind of data format. DataExchanger operates as a Data- Hub engine which complements various software, solutions and integration software such as MS BizTalk. Cross DataBase enjoys a large customer base within various vertical market, main clients are Bouygues, Atofina, Mitshubishi, Systeme U, Relay, Otis, ToysR'Us, Arselor, Telemarket, SNCF.Cross DataBase technology is a voting member of SyncML. For more information, go to www.dataexchanger.com. ots Originaltext: IXIASOFT Internet: www.newsaktuell.ch Contact: JOSEPH DANS FUSION PUBLIC RELATIONS DIRECTOR OF ACCOUNTS PHONE 212-651-4215 MAILTO: JOSEPH.DANS@FUSIONPR.COM JEROME LAREDO IXIASOFT MARKETING DIRECTOR PHONE +1-514-279-4942 MAILTO: JEROME.LAREDO@IXIASOFT.COM CHRISTIAN JUMELET CROSS DATABASE TECHNOLOGY CO-FOUNDER AND VICE PRÉSIDENT STRATEGIC ALLIANCES PHONE +1-53-44-78-78 FAX +1-53-44-70-79 MAILTO:CJ@DATAEXCHANGER.COM INTERNET: HTTP://WWW.DATAEXCHANGER.COM

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