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Orange is introducing GPRS on 1st July 2002 with the Orange Express Option - Keep up-to-date at all times, wherever you are - for five francs a month

Lausanne (ots) - In September 2001 Orange introduced GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) to Switzerland with both its Orange Express and Orange Express Plus price plan options. Many customers took advantage of the introductory offers until the end of June 2002 and have subjected GPRS to a thorough test. On the 1st July Orange is replacing both options and in the shape of Orange Express is offering low-cost mobile Internet access: for five francs a month customers can access the contents of the Orange Internet and WAP portals with a standard price plan, whenever they want, from wherever they are and as often as they like. The cost structure of Orange Express is simple and transparent. Unlike other mobile operators, Orange does not charge for the amount of data, but charges for content and services received according to a previously agreed and clearly stated price - regardless of the length of the connection and the amount of data involved. Customers who access the Orange Internet or WAP portal by GPRS and/or WAP, transmit and receive data or want to surf the Internet, pay only five francs a month for Orange Express on top of their standard price plan. This provides unlimited access to the basic content of Orange's Internet and WAP portals, including the latest news, sports results or weather reports. The best deal for you, tailored to your needs For other services, including certain value added services, Orange charges a fee according to the individual service used. Orange will begin offering the first of these Premium Services in the autumn of 2002. Those who access services outside the Orange Internet and WAP portals pay ten centimes for every ten kilobytes of data transfered on top of their basic monthly fee. Those who are on the move and regularly access services outside the Orange Internet and WAP portals with their laptop and/or PDA, can tailor their Orange Express option to suit their needs and get the best price-to-performance ratio, and buy so-called data packets (5, 15, 30 or 50 Megabytes). Data packets are available for a monthly fee and expire at the end of each monthly billing period. You can find out more about Orange Express ( and Orange's Internet and WAP portals ( on the Web. Orange Express Price Overview Valid from Monday, 1st July 2002 Orange Express (Orange WAP and Internet) monthly fee 5 francs within the Orange Portals outside the Orange Portals (WAP and Internet) (WAP and Internet) Charges for access to content and services* free of charge 10 centimes for every 10 Kilobytes *For other services, including certain value-added services, Orange will charge a fee depending on the individual service used. Orange Express Data Packets Price Overview Available from August 2002 Only in connection with an Orange-Express subscription additional monthly fee additional communication (for data packets) (beyond paid-for Data Packet data packets) 5MB = 5,000KB 25 francs 8 centimes for every 10 Kilobytes 15MB = 15,000KB 70 francs 7 centimes for every 10 Kilobytes 30MB = 30,000KB 120 francs 6 centimes for every 10 Kilobytes 50MB = 50,000KB 175 francs 5 centimes for every 10 Kilobytes ots Originaltext: Orange Communications SA Internet: Contact: Orange Communications SA World Trade Center Avenue de Gratta-Paille 2 Case postale 455 CH-1000 Lausanne 30 Grey Therese Wenger Media Relations Phone +41/21/216'10'16 Fax +41/21/216'10'15 Mobile +41/78/787'10'16 Internet:

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