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TFS Technology Launches Free Version Of Secure Document Delivery Solution

Manassas, USA (ots) - TFS Technology, Inc. announces today the availability of a free version of TFS Secure Document Delivery. This innovative web-based product allows organizations to immediately send email messages or electronic documents of any file format securely to anyone with Internet access, including email, web, and cellular phone users. IT Managers can now download TFS Secure Document Delivery for free at "With increased security concerns over recent months, it's important that any organization have the immediate capability of securely sending sensitive email messages." says Krister Fransson, Chief Executive Officer of TFS Technology Inc. "TFS Secure Document Delivery is a secure, easy, and cost-effective solution for companies who are not yet using other methods for securing sensitive messages, such as PGP or S/MIME." TFS Secure Document Delivery is extremely sender and recipient-friendly. Anyone familiar with web-based email interfaces can easily navigate through TFS SDD, yet enjoy the confidence and reassurance of TFS-strong email security. TFS Secure Document Delivery (TFS SDD) is set-up as a web server on a network with a unique, secure Internet domain ( An email message is sent to TFS SDD (, which once received by the server, generates a Parcel ID (unique code) for that message. A unique Parcel ID is generated for each email message and immediately sent back to the sender. No two IDs are the same, ensuring the ultimate in security. For added security, the unique Parcel ID is not automatically sent to the recipient via regular email, where such codes could possibly be intercepted. Once the sender receives the Parcel ID, the sender has the authority to choose the exact delivery method of the Parcel ID. It can be delivered to the recipient using phone, email, or fax. The code can also be sent as an SMS message to the recipient's mobile phone. For the recipient, the Secure Document Delivery process is quite simple. The recipient simply clicks on to the secure website address (, and inputs the unique Parcel ID code. From there, they can view and/or download the secured message and any attached document. Once read, the recipient can then securely delete the message and the attachments. Most appealing to IT Managers, TFS Secure Document Delivery works with any email system that utilizes SMTP including MS Exchange, MS Mail, Lotus Notes, cc:Mail, Novell GroupWise, MHS, First Class, or any SMTP-compliant system running on a Microsoft Windows NT Server SP5. Easy installation and configuration makes for a quickly implemented solution. Features and Benefits - Documents can be securely sent to anyone with Internet access including email, web and cellular phone users. - User-friendly HTML / web mail-based interface - Users can send and receive messages using any SMTP-compliant email system such as MS Exchange, MS Mail, Lotus Notes, cc:Mail, Novell GroupWise, MHS, or First Class. - For ultimate security, the unique Parcel ID is not automatically sent to the recipient via regular email, where such codes could be intercepted. Sender has the authority to choose the delivery method of the Parcel ID. - Secured messages and attachments can only be read by the send and receiver - Unlike many free email products, TFS Secure Document Delivery is a full-featured product; no features are disabled and there is no annoying banner advertising Availability and Pricing TFS Secure Document Delivery can be downloaded for free at Although TFS SDD is easy to install and administrate, support assistance can be purchased. Contact TFS Technology for more information. About TFS Technology TFS Technology is a software developer providing revolutionary products that solve today's email security and connectivity problems. TFS Technology offers its flagship products, TFS Secure Messaging-Server and TFS Gateway, through its international network of reseller partners, with solutions having been adopted in over 10,000 organizations in more than 30 countries worldwide. For more information, visit TFS Technology online at ots Originaltext: TFS Technology, Inc. Internet: Contact: Erik Safsten TFS Technology (UK/Europe) Phone +46/8594'419'00 E-mail: Michael Dowell (United States) Phone: +1/703/686'1005 E-mail:

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