Juvena of Switzerland

JUVENA of Switzerland: Emergency Medicine Technology Used in State-of-the-Art Cosmetics

Volketswil (ots) - JUVENA of Switzerland is working side by side with a strong partner: Professor Odile Damour, an authority in the field of natural skin reconstruction. She heads the Laboratoire des Substituts Cutanés of the University of Lyon, one of the leading institutes for the healing of burn related injuries. JUVENA of Switzerland decided at the beginning of 2001 to undertake this cooperation with the highest levels of medicine, unique to the world of cosmetics, with the goal of creating a revolution in facial skin care. This face care will be launched in April 2004. ots Originaltext: JUVENA of Switzerland Internet: www.newsaktuell.ch Contact: JUVENA of Switzerland Public Relations Liliane Mester Industriestrasse 8 8604 Volketswil Phone: +41/1/947'82'52 E-Mail: mester.liliane@juvena.ch

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