Logiclibrary Debuts Logidex(TM) - Delivers on Mission to Revolutionize Component-Based Development for Rapid Solution Assembly and Easy Entry to Web Services

Pittsburgh, United States (ots) - LogicLibrary, a provider of asset management solutions for rapid application assembly, today introduced its Logidex(TM) product line. Logidex enables development teams and business analysts to quickly and easily capture, leverage and manage the "solution assembly assets" that make up their critical business systems, including pre-built, internal and external components, legacy modules, Web services, etc. These assets are managed in an intuitive catalog that helps corporations cut development time for mission critical applications linking customers and partners, develop Web services and increase ROI on IT development. Logidex is the only product to offer a domain reference model (DRM), which allows users to catalog and retrieve assets based on the industry standard business processes, strategic technical architectures and customized business models they support. Logidex's model driven approach ensures final assembled applications match the project's needs and the company's strategic direction. Model-based indexing also enables easier collaboration between business and IT departments by providing a linkage between business requirements and functional capabilities of existing components and services. Additionally, as companies increasingly incorporate Web services, Logidex's DRM enables them to quickly determine where Web services can be most effectively utilized in their business applications, as well as with their partners and customers. "To date, effective asset management has been a significant shortcoming of component based development and re-use initiatives," said Lawrence Wilkes, principal analyst of the CBDi Forum in Surrey, U.K. "By mapping assets directly to specific business requirements, however, Logidex allows software architects and developers to accurately and efficiently find and qualify reusable assets." Other key differentiators that set Logidex apart in the market today, include the ability to: * Fit seamlessly into existing development environments, including developer portal initiatives. * Support departmental initiatives and scale to meet the unique needs of enterprise-wide deployment. * Accept a wide range of assets from old and new technology platforms, and from internal sources and third parties. * Provide detailed usage tracking to support a flexible incentive system to encourage the development and utilization of assets. * Provide reuse consulting and other professional services giving a wide array of offerings including classroom training, asset and model capture, as well as reuse initiative consulting and mentoring. "To thrive in today's climate, enterprises must establish an application development environment that is 'better, faster and cheaper,'" said Ellen Milantoni, CEO and Co-Founder of LogicLibrary. "Logidex allows enterprises to strategically and efficiently utilize component based development, reuse initiatives and Web services within their application development environment. Logidex's ability to link information assets to a company's business processes facilitates more rapid and on-target development, achieving the goal of all IT organizations - cost-effective delivery of sound applications that competitively extend the enterprise's business goals." Pricing and Availability The Logidex solution is currently available as a software license or as a hosted service. Licenses start at US$95,000. Enterprise pricing is also available. About LogicLibrary LogicLibrary, a leading innovator in asset management for application assembly, provides software and services that help enterprise application development teams to efficiently and effectively create custom solutions that map to their company's ever-changing business needs. LogicLibrary's patent-pending technology incorporates asset mapping to strategic business process models and enables IT teams to capture, leverage and manage pre-built solution assembly assets for the most rapid and cost-effective assembly of today's enterprise business applications. For more information, visit http://www.logiclibrary.com. ots Originaltext: LogicLibrary Internet: www.newsaktuell.ch Contact: Allen Reitz, FitzGerald Communications +1 (617) 488-9500 ext. 268 areitz@fitzgerald.com

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