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Brunswick Award 2001: Will computer chips be made of organic material in future?
International research team receives an award of DEM 100,000

Brunswick, Germany (ots) - - Cross-reference: Photo is available at: The research team led by Professor Dr Bertram Batlogg (ETH Zurich), with Dr Christian Kloc and Dr Jan Hendrik Schön (both Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, New Jersey/USA) has received the Brunswick Award with prize money of DEM 100,000. The team has been honoured for developing highly innovative electronic and optoelectronic components of organic material. By developing a number of new electronic components, Professor Batlogg and his partners have paved the way for the completion of current silicon-semiconductor technology. As a result, brand-new technical and economic application options are now available to the economy and research. The range includes items in daily use, such as 'intelligent labels' and 'plastic solar cells' and, at the highest level of physics, the production of new 'superconductors' required as basic components for 'quantum computers' as well as thin sheets of film that can be rolled up and fixed to the wall as screens. Compared with silicon, the manufacture of the basic organic substance is much simpler and, above all, considerably cheaper. ots Originaltext: Stadt Braunschweig ops Originalpicture: Internet: Contact: Stadt Braunschweig Phone +49 531 470 4100 Internet: E-mail: Press photos can be obtained from the following internet address:

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