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Solarmundo presents an innovative solar thermal power plant with sensationally low power generation costs Solar Energy Beats Fuel

Liège, Belgium (ots) - Cross-reference: Photo is available at: Solar energy can now compete with conventionally generated electricity. This was announced on Tuesday by Solarmundo, Belgium, at an international press conference in Liège. In several years of development work, Solarmundo has refined the proven parabolic trough collector technology to create a high-performance yet simple power plant system. Simpler engineering and lower operating costs make the Solarmundo power plant technology a power generation alternative that is unrivalled on cost. Solarmundo power plants are essentially based on the parabolic trough systems that have successfully operated in California for many years. Solarmundo has improved this technology to create an innovative and above all simpler type of solar power plant. The technology has been successfully tested in several years of trials on a 27,000-square-foot (2500 m2) pilot plant at Liège. This type of power plant can be located in almost any sunny region of the world, including southern European countries such as Spain and Greece. Promising Economics For a plant located in Egypt the power generation costs are between 4 eurocents per kWh for 400 MW or 800 MW power plants and 7.5 eurocents per kWh in a 50 MW power plant. For the first time, this makes solar power competitive with conventionally generated power. Negotiations with International Partners To demonstrate the positive experience gained with the Solarmundo technology on an industrial scale, construction of a 50 MW solar power station is now planned. For this purpose, Solarmundo has now started negotiations with forward-looking investors. Solarmundo also has openings for financial partnerships in developing it`s business building up production facilities. ots Originaltext: Solarmundo NV ops Originalpicture: Internet: Contact: High-end photos and further information can be downloaded under Jacques de Lalaing Solarmundo NV. Meir, 44A 2000 Antwerp Belgium Tel. 0032 3 205 9204 Fax 0032 3 227 1697 e-mail: Internet:

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