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Holiday Motoring Misery? Get your exhaust checked before it wastes you time and money on holiday

Brussels (ots) - - Cross-reference: photo was sent via satellite and is available at: http://www.newsaktuell.ch/f/galerie.htx?type=obs Millions of cars will take to the roads over the next couple of months to convey families and friends to their summer holiday destinations. Of the millions of cars that travel abroad, an estimated 80,000 calls for breakdown assistance are due to an exhaust system failure (source Europ Assistance). Having trouble with your exhaust may not appear to be as serious as say an electrical fault, but it can still cause considerable inconvenience and immobilise the car. Picture yourself stranded on the hard shoulder waiting for help when racing against the clock to catch a ferry or shuttle service. Worse still, imagine having to contend with the language barrier while also keeping the children amused if your exhaust system fails abroad. Tenneco Automotive, the world's largest producer of automotive exhaust systems and components sold under the Walker brand name, says that breakdowns due to exhaust failure are completely unnecessary if motorists would only have their exhausts checked before departure. It appears that when preparing the family car for the summer holiday, most people check the oil, radiator and washer fluid levels and perhaps the tyre pressures, but overlook the exhaust, seemingly preferring for an exhaust to fail before replacing it. Yet for the sake of a few minutes spent on checking, it's one less thing to go wrong that could potentially spoil the mid-year break. Holiday Motoring Advice Worth Taking To The Garage Peter Dillen, Emission Control Group Product Manager for Tenneco Automotive comments: "It not only makes sense to have your exhaust checked to prevent a holiday breakdown, but it can also prevent your car failing its next MOT test." The message from Tenneco Automotive is clear. "Take your car to a local service centre and get the exhaust system checked - before it costs you time, money and a ruined holiday''added Dillen. In addition, the company advises to take a few simple steps to maximize the lifespan of your exhaust system: Avoid Short Journeys: On short journeys, exhaust system temperatures are lower, allowing the gas to condense on the inside walls of the metal components, forming an acidic coating and causing severe corrosion. This is a main cause of rear muffler failure. Avoid harsh road conditions: Poor road conditions: grit, stones, salt, water and mud can damage exhausts. If a very hot exhaust system is doused in water or comes into contact with snow, rapid contraction and expansion will take place, weakening the welds and seams of components. Choose a good quality replacement exhaust system and a fully qualified fitter: A good quality exhaust system with a warranty will help to ensure your exhaust lasts longer and is covered for any defects. A fully qualified fitter at a reputable garage or exhaust center will also ensure that the exhaust is fitted correctly using the appropriate tools and accessories, and will ensure that the necessary clearances from the car's body and suspension components are maintained. Tenneco Automotive produces one in every four exhaust systems world-wide and its original equipment (OE) division manufactures systems for numerous car manufacturers including Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Its latest development is its new premium quality exhaust system - Aluminox. One of its special features is a double metal skin design, using stainless steel inside, which guarantees outstanding protection against corrosion - especially from the inside. Under strict test conditions Aluminox not only proved that its performance and durability are outstanding, but also demonstrated excellent noise absorption qualities. As with all Walker exhaust systems, Aluminox carries a 24-month guarantee. Walker replacement exhaust systems and components are available for over 90% of European and Japanese cars, with wide availability through a network of garages, fast fit centres and Walker specialists. The company who pioneered catalytic converter technology in the early 1960s, is continuously striving to provide new products and components that enhance vehicle performance whilst reducing pollutant emissions. Tenneco Automotive headquartered in Lake Forest, USA is the largest producer of ride control and emission control products under the Mronoe (R) and Walker (R) brands. With 23, 000 employees, worldwide and a turnover of USD3.5 billion, the company has over 100 facilities in 22 countries in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and the Far East. Worn Warning!!! 5 Dangers Of Driving With A Worn Out Exhaust: - Dangerous gases could leak into the passanger cabin - Increased noise pollution - Leaks can emit harmful gases into the environment - Broken exhausts on the roads can be a hazard to others - Reduced engine power and increased fuel consumption ots Originaltext: Tenneco Automotive Europe ops Originalpicture: www.newsaktuell.ch/f/galerie.htx?type=obs Internet: www.newsaktuell.ch Contact: Simonetta Esposito Communications Manager Tenneco Automotive Europe Tel: +32 2 706-9147 Fax: +32 2 706-9199 E-Mail: Simonetta.Esposito@eu.tenneco-automotive.com

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