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Frankfurt Airport's Traffic Figures for September 2001

Frankfurt, Germany (ots) - September 2001 Change Jan. - Sept. Change (2) (2) Sept. 01/ 2001 Jan. - Sept. Sept. 00 01/00 passengers in millions 4.4 -7.2 % 38.1 1.4 % airfreight in thousands of metric tonnes 120.6 -13.3 % 1.104.0 -4.6 % airmail in thousands of metric tonnes 10.5 -9.9 % 102.3 0.6 % aircraft movements (1) in thousands 39.4 -1.4 % 346.9 0.4 % MTOWs in thousands of metric tonnes 2,201.7 1.8 % 19,493.7 2.6 % punctuality share of punctual arrivals and departures in per cent 74.0 76.0 1 Excluding military flights. 2 Rate of change based on unrounded numbers The terror attacks in the U.S.A. affected Frankfurt Airport's (FRA) traffic results for the month of September. Passenger traffic registered a 7.2 percent decline compared to the same month last year. FRA last experienced a comparable collapse in traffic during the Gulf War. Up to the time of the attacks on September 11, demand increased. Afterwards, a noticeable change in passenger volumes occurred. Following the reopening of American air space and the subsequent clearing of the traffic backlog, traffic normalized to a large extent. After September 20, Frankfurt Airport again experienced a double-digit drop in traffic. Airfreight development showed a clear decline on all routes. The number of aircraft movements dropped only slightly, but capacity utilization deteriorated noticeably. The number of passengers per passenger flight declined to 123 in September, down from 132 in the corresponding month last year. Frankfurt Airport's punctuality rate could be increased again. Fraport AG cannot yet offer any forecast figures regarding the further development of air traffic to the end of the year and corporate results for 2001. ots Original Text Service: Fraport AG Internet: Contact: Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide Attn: Robert A. Payne - Manager International Press 60547 Frankfurt am Main, Germany Tel.: +49 69 690 -78547 (with voice mailbox) Fax: +49 69 690 -60548 / E-Mail: Internet: (click on "Press Lounge")

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