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Mühleberg Nuclear Power Plant
Good production volume achieved in 2015 (PHOTO)

Bern (ots) - The Mühleberg Nuclear Power Plant (KKM) produced 2,940 million kWh of electricity in 2015. The higher temperature of the River Aare in the summer led to a decline in production of 2.5 full-load days (23.6 million kWh).

Thanks to the ongoing measures to increase the safety and availability of the plant, KKM was operated safely and reliably in 2015. At 2,940 million KWh, KKM accounts for around 5 per cent of Switzerland's total power production.

Following a record production volume in 2014, two unplanned shutdowns in July and September and the high temperatures of the River Aare in the summer led to a decline in production at KKM in 2015. On account of these factors, the plant's production capacity was reduced by up to 20 per cent for 16 days of the year.

BKW will continue to ensure safe and reliable operation of the plant for the coming years of operation until the end of 2019 through retrofitting, preventative maintenance and regular system checks.


April 2016: Public consultation of the KKM decommissioning application April 2016: Information events on the decommissioning in the Mühleberg region August 2016: Annual inspection of the nuclear power plant


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