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BKW Energie AG


Berne (ots) - On Saturday the solar ship MobiCat achieved a world record as part of the BKW Solar Trophy challenge. For the first time an exclusively solar-powered ship has succeeded in transporting over 100 passsengers in 60 minutes over a 10-kilometer course at the record rate of 22 watt-hours per passenger kilometer. The BKW Solar Tropy challenge is an international solar competition to promote intelligent mobility for passenger ships, organised by BKW FMB Energy Ltd of Berne, Switzerland. The record attempt, supervised by two prominent witnesses in the persons of State Councillor Christine Beerli and Cantonal Councillor Dori Schaer-Born, was achieved thanks to the MobiCat's state-of-the-art technology as well as the skillful seamanship of Michel Scheurer, captain of the Bielersee-Schifffahrts-Gesellschaft (BSG). The operator of the world's largest solar ship was awarded the BKW Solar Trophy by the organiser, BKW FMB Energy Ltd, and will also be inscribed as the first world record holder on the „golden plaque" at the Mont-Soleil photovoltaic research centre in the Bernese Jura. The world record: 110 Passengers (aged 18 plus) 59:55 Minutes 10 Kilometers 24,2 kWh Total energy consumption Record: 22 watt-hours per passenger kilometer ots Originaltext: BKW FMB Energie AG Internet: Contact: BKW FMB Energie AG Media Communications Viktoriaplatz 2 3000 Bern 25 Tel. +41 31 330 51 11 Fax +41 31 330 57 90

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