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Zeltia: Report at 31 December 2004

Madrid, Spain (ots/PRNewswire) - PharmaMar: - Yondelis: - Due to the good results presented at the ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) meeting, the randomised pivotal trial on soft-tissue sarcoma was expanded so as to compile a dossier for a regulatory application. - Results presented on ovarian cancer formed the basis for preparing Phase III trials in combination with Doxil. - The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) granted orphan drug designation to Yondelis for the treatment of soft-tissue sarcoma. - Aplidin: - The Phase II trial on haematological tumours commenced. - The FDA granted orphan drug designation to Aplidin for the treatment of multiple myeloma and acute lymphoblastic leukaemia - The EMEA (European Medicines Agency) granted orphan drug status for the treatment of multiple myeloma. - Aplidin obtained IND (Investigational New Drug) designation to commence clinical trials in the US. - Zalypsis: Pre-clinical trials concluded to start clinical trials NeuroPharma: - The private placement of 25% of NeuroPharma was completed, raising 15 million euro. Other: - Group net revenues increased by 7% year-on-year to 79 million euro. - The net cash position (cash + cash equivalents - short-term bank debt) amounted to 86 million euro. ots Originaltext: Zeltia Group Im Internet recherchierbar: http://www.newsaktuell.ch Contact: Isabel Lozano, CEO, PHARMAMAR,S.A., C/ Reyes, 1.Colmenar Viejo, Madrid, Telephone +34-91-846-60-00. Catherine Moukheibir, Head of Capital Market Strategy, ZELTIA, S.A., José Abascal, 2, Madrid, Telephone +34-91-444-45-00. M(a) Luisa de Francia, CFO, ZELTIA, S.A., José Abascal, 2, Madrid, Telephone +34-91-444-45-00

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