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British American Tobacco exits Formula One

Lausanne (ots) - British American Tobacco exits Formula One at the Brazilian Grand Prix this weekend after eight years of Lucky Strike sponsorship - and brings to an end links to motorsport dating back to the 1960s. The company is honouring a commitment to leave F1 by the end of this year - a move consistent with the International Marketing Standards which it voluntarily subscribed to in 2001 along with its two major international tobacco company competitors. Jimmi Rembiszewski, Marketing Director, said: "We are very proud of the team's sporting achievements and wish them every success in the future, but our time is over. "Public opinion and many of our stakeholders no longer think it is appropriate for F1 to be sponsored by the tobacco industry. We have listened to their views and agree." He added: "For many years now, our marketing strategy has been moving away from relying on mass media as we believe it more important to focus our efforts on the point of sale in the outlets that adult smokers use." British American Tobacco founded British American Racing (B.A.R) in 1997. Notes to editors - The last race sponsored by British American Tobacco will take place on Sunday 22 October in Brazil. - The International Tobacco Product Marketing Standards are globally applicable and in some countries exceed the requirements of local laws or voluntary codes. British American Tobacco audits its companies' performance against them annually and reports on this in its Social Reports. - Other companies who subscribed to the standards include Phillip Morris and Japan Tobacco International. - The full Standards are on in Our Business

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